Monday, October 17, 2011

At the Request of a Friend....

I'm going to update. I'm so very sorry not to keep up with this. I guess life and fb have taken over....
For those of you who follow along, I'm truly sorry I'm so bad at blogging. I really need to do this more for my children's sake. I so want to turn this into a book, but haven't a clue how to go about it. I have looked into it, but as understanding exactly how to go about it just isn't there for me. I'll have to see if I can just sit down while Evan and Wendy are both in school for the day.

Our fall has been extremely busy, but what's new right? The week before Evan's 5th birthday our oldest daughter moved home. Finding jobs in Dallas wasn't working at all; so she is looking here and doing some deep thinking of maybe going back for her masters. Not sure, but at least she is here and has a roof over her head.

Evan turned 5 last month and we were going to have his party here at the house. Our theme was "Carnival". With Lacy moving in we had boxes everywhere; so it wasn't a good plan to have it at the house. We moved it to the park near our school. It just happened to be very hot that day unfortunately. Evan got sick from the heat and we had to bath him down with a cold towel. After sitting in the shade for a bit he started feeling better. I have never had one of mine get so sick on their party day... Of course we were worried about his little heart at that rate. We had a bounce house and several carnival games, but the favorites were the clown pinata and pin the tail on the donkey. Funny how the old games were the best loved. Can you believe that many of the children didn't know what pin the tail on the donkey was? It is a shame our children of today are so into electronics and not the good old fashioned play. Mine are guilty too, but when it comes to parties we go into our old party game mood. Lacy made his cake with a little help from Holly and me... I had found this idea in the Wilton Cake book of long ago... It was a car with clowns poking out of the windows and sunroof. It turned out to be one of the cutest cakes we've had. It also prompted Lacy into getting classes at Michaels for cake decorating. His actual birthday was on a Tuesday. I told him we would fix his favorite meal for his real day... He then said "You mean I turn 6". Oh my he just doesn't understand birthdays yet. :) I bet next year it will sink in. He even has trouble with going to friends parties thinking it is his birthday again. LOL

On Columbus weekend we went to Colorado to ride the Cumbres Toltec Train. It turned cool compared to here and we were lucky enough to pack warm things. The early morning Saturday we got to see heavy snow fall in Alamosa. It snowed in the mountains and we got to see the snow on the beautiful fall foliage on the Aspens. My word how beautiful the Aspens were!! We saw Prong Horn Deer, Elk, and a Coyote. I love riding the train, but not as much as Mike. Evan and Wendy enjoyed it so much, but NO ONE LOVES it more than MIKE!! I go along for the scenery! This was the first trip we have taken with just the 2 little ones in a long while.

Over this past weekend we went to the pumpkin farm. We had more fun than I expected. The kids again had fun just doing simple things... Like checking out the bunnies at bunnyville,riding a John Deere Trike around a cool track, Tractor wagon ride, a cool obstacle course with a glide wire,that both accomplished, and bouncing on an air pillow (which I really wish we had one), Ducky Derby racing... this is where they put the rubber duck on a metal track and pulled a hand crank water pump; the fast you pumped the water the fast the duck moved to the other end. Not an easy feat. Then they climbed a hay pyramid and a large hill with a slide. After this we went over to the Hayride out to the corn maze and then to the pumpkin patch. We had a hard time with the maze and decided to back track out. Next off to pick out our pumpkin; well we got more than one... We thought we were spending a lot, but our load only cost us 35.00's when anywhere else would be selling them for much more. We got many different sizes. Lacy had a wonderful time and so did Mike and I, but the two little ones really had a good time. I do believe we will be having Evan's 6th birthday party here next year.

I've also added our pumpkin photos and one of Evan on his first school field trip.

School is going well for both kiddos. Dance has been busy and life is just a blur at times. Isn't life grand!


Vivian M said...

Great pictures! Your kids are getting so big, amazing how fast time the pumpkins and squash!

Lesa said...

Thank you Viv. Time does fly so fast!

Toyin O. said...

Nice pictures, the kids look happy, sounds like you have been busy.

FHL said...

Absolutely LOVED reading your update!!! And Happy Belated Birthday to Evan!!! I can't believe he's 5! Oh my, where does time go!!!

So glad you all are doing well!!!