Friday, January 29, 2010

Well we wanted SNOW....

but not this much. lol We have been totally snowed in yesterday and today. The kids are so bored and I have been trying so hard to keep them entertained. We have played blocks, Airport, Bristle Blocks, Dress Up, Nintendo Mario Kart, and a movie....oh, and some art work.
Evan even helped sweep and do laundry. Wendy chose to help with the dishes two days in a row. She is pretty good at it to.
The dogs haven't been able to go out to do their jobs at all. We have a huge drift of snow right at our back door and if they even got up on it they would likely sink in. Imagine two Chihuahua's and one Dachshund sinking down in three feet of snow. The drift that was the tallest on the back porch was near and over the BBQ grill and that was 4 1/2 feet.
Mike barely made it home after work yesterday. He was driving my Camry and had to be pushed some of the way. Once he got home he parked on the street curb. This morning he got a coworker to come by and pick him up in their in his four wheel drive truck.

I will post some of the snow photos tomorrow since I have two sleeping children to get off to bed.


Debz said...

We have that same system over here! Yesterday was our first snow day off school. It's still drifting realy bad and it's -21 with the windchill! Bailey went out for a pee and didn't even try to get off the deck! Enjoy your weekend!

FHL said...

How funny that we live in the north and haven't even gotten enough snow this year for a good sledding. Must confess, I'm a tad envious...was hoping for one last sleigh ride before heading to the tropics for our next tour.

Heather said...

Hey Lesa, Thanks for reading my blog! We are traveling to Ningxia in March but don't know exact dates as we are waiting on TA. Congrats on your new son! Your kids are beautiful!