Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A HAPPY 23 ANNIVERSARY a day late!

Well we might as well be happy huh? It is getting closer now. The way I look at it now the worse case scenario would be around February 09' for Referrals, but my intuition is still pining out DECEMBER. If it is February it will be a 32 month wait for our group. If it is December it will be a 30 month wait and only 7 more months to wait. Hey that isn't bad since look how long we have hung in there!

Oh here is a funny....) I just said "Happy Anniversary" to Mike and his reply.... "OH GOD"... I quickly said it is our 23 month anniversary for Mylie.... He then replied "Don't ever do that to me again!" I just had to crack up!!

Anyway... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to all of my June 19ther's who are still hanging in there with me.



Leigh said...

Just think.....when you hold that beautiful baby in your arms you'll say "she was worth the wait!" You know what they say about Good thing coming to those who wait.......!" Okay, now that I've attempted to blow sunshine you-know-where ;) I know that the wait is hard. Go hug Wendy and forget about it for a while!! :) I never was able to open those pictures from your last post.

Lesa said...

Thank you for being up beat and sending sunshine my way. hehe.

I'll send you some of the photos I had put on that one. Did you manage getting into the first set?