Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Best Dentist Vist Ever!!

Wendy had the best dentist experience ever today! Last week we went to the Pediadontist and we found out that she needed two crowns and one regular filling. Before our move she had some trouble with her left lower molar. It looked like she had chomped down on something and broke off a piece of it. It didn't bother her; so we waited until we got here to do anything about it.

One afternoon she was eating a chip and complained about her right lower molar next to the last tooth. I took a look and picked the chip out and along came a piece of her tooth! YIKES!! It was time to get something done and quick. We took Mike to lunch before Holly left for her Peru trip and we found our new dentist office sitting on the corner. Wow! Their office is wonderful. They were getting ready for a Princess Tea Party that afternoon so we ate lunch and of course came back for the Tea. It was a wonderful way of meeting the two dentist that we were to see. Funny we were scheduled to see Dr. Moore and got to meet him, but we were lucky to meet Dr. Tinkler as well and a good thing too. You see when we went in for her first check up she met Dr. Moore again and he wanted it taken care of soon; so our appointment for today was scheduled and we ended up seeing Dr. Tinkler.

All of their staff is just wonderful!!! They made it fun for Wendy and she never got anxious about the visit at all.

They have the TV up on the ceiling and she got to watch Enchanted while she was having her tooth fixed.

Next time we go will be June 13th and she seems okay with it so far. I had no problems with her at all....well accept for the little bit of the numb feeling. Great Prizes too!!! Wendy got a stuffed elephant, and boy is he cute. She named him Elmer.



Leigh said...

Wow.....and I thought Katey did great at her first cleaning a few weeks ago....Wendy is a champ!! I just had to get a filling and I wiggled and fussed the whole time!! :)

Lesa said...

This made her second visit. The first she got a cleaning aka "Tickle the Teeth". This trip was her cavities being fixed. Two more visits. I just hope they go as well as this last one did.

Glad to hear Katey did well with her visit too!


Lynn & Tom said...

Glad you found a dentist you like. Wendy is a brave girl!!

Gina said...

Abigail's been atleast 3 times for cleanings and does great also. We look forward to choosing a new toothbrush and a trip to the treasure box! No good stuff like Elmer, though. Glad Mom and Katey survived!

Gina said...

OOPS!! Did I call her Katey? I meant Wendy! I just finished reading Leigh's comment and my mind must be slipping - forgive me.


Lesa said...

Funny. I was wondering, but then thought that since Leigh had written also you were congratulating both girls. ha

No problem...


M & M said...

Lesa, Wendy looked very relaxed. Glad it all worked out.

Lesa said...

Thanks M!