Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Is it Summer YET??

Wendy is so ready for summer, but hey we can't complain the weather isn't all that bad here. We get the morning coolness, the afternoon heat, and then the evening coolness again.

We did manage to get Wendy's play equipment up and her little pool, that I got last August on clearance for $4.50, filled. She has initiated both already. Today is going to be cool for the swing set, but not the pool. Hey the sun is just now peeping out.

Wendy also is ready to start Gymnastics! She gets to go to her first class next Thursday so I'll post photos of her in her new suit soon. Ballet starts up in July. I still need to get her involved in Swimming lessons.

Here are a few photos to get the summer feel going.

Oh, we had to cut a small tree down so that we could put the play equipment where we wanted it. SO, if you are wondering what the dark spot in the grass is... Mike put dirt/manure on top of the spot.


Leigh said...

Wish we lived closer......what a fun play date the girls would have!

Lesa said...

I know!!!! Maybe you guys can move here. hehe