Thursday, September 04, 2008

Stepping in for Grandparents Day at School

On Tuesday Morning I found and invitation for Grandparents Day in Wendy's take home folder. I read it and realized that they were to celebrate this on Thursday afternoon...which is today. Oh my...what to do....? Mike's mother and my parents are in Ft. Worth and we are clear up here in Amarillo. Well I decided that I would let Wendy ask her surrogate grandparents, who are our neighbors across the street from us, if they could come. We LOVE Pam and Melvin. They are the best neighbors anyone could ever have! They were the first to greet us when we moved in, and we have been close ever since.

Wendy adores both of them. Well Melvin was having to work just outside of town and couldn't, but Sweet Pam stepped in for Wendy. She is just a honey to come and be with Wendy on a day that she would have been without a Grandparent while everyone else had someone there.

I got this first photo of Wendy this morning before school and the second is of Pam with Wendy on Grandparents Day. The kids did a finger play of Grandma's Glasses. It was so cute. Wendy really concentrated hard while coloring her picture which she gave to Pam for her Refrigerator. She made something for Mamaw and Papaw to share and one for Ganny also. We will be sending these to them tomorrow.

Thank you Pam for stepping in for Wendy. She loves you!!!


Oh, why is Wendy wearing long sleeves? Well, it was 50* this morning!! Then it warmed up to 79*. Yesterday it stayed in the low 60's! It felt great!!


M & M said...

Lesa, Wendy looks just precious. How did she do? I bet she is loving it!!

Shandra said...

What a special day and lady to step in like that. Wendy looks so cute in her outfit.

FHL said...

I have a feeling Pam probably enjoyed every minute of being Grandma for the day! :o) Wendy is such a cutie!

Kristy said...

Oh she looks precious and how sweet of a story was that. I wish I could wear long sleeves!!
Love and blessings, Kristy