Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Wendy's First Day of PreK4!

For those of you who know Wendy she has never really liked Preschool of any kind due to having to take naps. She had just turned 3 when she decided Preschool wasn't for her. I had figured it was due to being in an Orphanage, and the thought of napping with all of the children kinda made it resurface. Just my thoughts.

One of the families I met since we have moved here, has the same problem with her 4 year old. The other mom and I went to check this PreK4 out and decided we would try it.
Last night was open house and her friend Faith hadn't arrived yet and she was the only one in the class room with the teachers. Wendy felt very nervous and uncertain about the whole thing. I got this photo of her and her new teachers, (l)Mrs. Mary, (center) Mrs. Theresa, and of course (r) Wendy. You can see that Wendy wasn't really herself.
Once Faith arrived she was perky and all was well.
These two will be in Kindergarten together; so I hope we can get them in the same class room next school year.

Today, I got Wendy up for breakfast and she just looked half awake. I have debated on whether or not to post them. I think I will skip the one of her eating, because she is trying to smile but her eyes aren't awake at all.
This one is of her right before we left and then one of her in her class room. On Tuesday's there are 14 in her class and on Thursday's there are 16. WOW.

No nap at school today, Mrs. Tanna took Wendy and Faith out to help put a play kitchen together. This was to help with them not being in the room while everyone else took a nap. Come to find out Mrs. Theresa said that when they both came back to the room after nap time the two girls were wondering why they didn't couldn't take a nap. Hum..... I told them if Wendy wants to she is perfectly welcome to do so. I'm not sure how Faith would do. That will have to be up to her and her momma. I also told Mrs. Tanna that if Faith needs Wendy then to allow Wendy to be with Faith for a while. We will see how things go and I will keep everyone posted. Funny how Wendy reacted to Naps at school a couple of years ago....even Sunday she was asking if this was a napping school. I had told her yes, but if she wasn't comfortable she didn't have to since we had talked to her school.

Enjoy the pictures.


Anonymous said...

Wendy looks darling in her school wear! I hope she has a good year and overcomes her trepidation!

FHL said...

Maybe she just needed to know that it's her choice. Her teachers sound wonderful!Hope she grows to love her school and makes some great friendships :o)

How was mom? I bawled the first day I dropped J off at Preschool. He waved and happily scurried off and I was left looking like an abandoned drippy towel ;o)

Lesa said...

Funny you should ask that. ha I was the one more anxious the day of drop off. Mainly because she had acted the evening before with open house.
She did well though, and I ran some errands.
I should be okay with this kind of stuff by now with a 24 and 20 year old ahead of her. gee
I have had her with me non stop accept for her little preschool that she hated.
Next year will be REALLY weird!

Debz said...

She looks so independant!
Best wishes to her, hope it goes well.

Jeanette said...

Awe, sweet pictures. I hope she is enjoying pre-K. How great that her freind is in her class!

Lynn said...

Wow - she is all grown up. Glad you found a school that is willing to be flexible. How many days a week is she going?

Lesa said...

Lynn, we are very fortunate. The school is only 3 minutes down the way from us and they are very sweet.
She is going two days a week~ Tuesday's and Thursdays, 9:00 am-3:00 pm.
It gives me a good break, but I haven't quiet figured out how to use my time yet. I have so many things I want and need to do...where to begin.ha

Shandra said...

What a sweetie she is. So cute. I hope it all works out. School stirs up so much in little ones.