Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Corn Maze Field Trip

We had a contest where the moms and teachers all had to shuck corn. I had won, but had misunderstood that the shucks had to be completely off the end.....oh well.
Guess who out of the little kids won?

That's right..... WENDY!!! They had to shuck 2 ears to our 3 ears of corn and she had been watching my method of doing it. You see you have to hold the ones that you aren't doing in between your legs while shucking the first one. Wendy not only did 2 she did 3 and momma routing all the way for her! She did all three to everyone else's two.... how I know this? Count the ones on the ground in front of her. She won a Ring Pop! She was so excited and Piper her little friend won for her class!

Here they are riding in the Cow Train. Really cute idea made out of plastic barrels.

They had a big watering trough filled with loose corn seeds.... The children all got in and played in it like a sandbox. Wendy right before getting out laid down and started making a "corn angel". Ha.. I kid you not, this child came up with this on her own. Very funny and creative. You are talking about someone that hasn't seen snow except for on TV, but now that we are moved out here we will get to make one.

Just look at all of those lovely pumpkins! They had all kinds.... Blue Cinderella, Orange Pumpkins large and small, Ghost Pumpkins(white), Gourds of all kinds....
Wendy selected a real cute one, and the parents and teachers were allowed one also. Mine was white with orange stripes....then I saw this lovely Blue Pumpkin and asked how much it was and they told me $6.00...probably high, but hey how often do you get to do this?
We had a blast, but it was so muddy and slippery hence the bags over everyone's shoes. Not to mention the Maze itself was basically closed due to all of the MUD!

Here is Wendy with her find.

Here are three little piggies at their petting area.

This is Piper with Wendy.... They are just too darn cute together!

This is of Wendy Pondering About Her Day.....


Vivian M said...

What a great way to spend a Fall day! We need to have a corn shucking contest whenever we meet. I practice at the supermarket all the time! LOL!

Leigh said...

What are those children wearing? Oh, JACKETS! Hmmmmm, wonder if we have any of those in our closets? Wish we could wear them if we did! :)