Saturday, September 23, 2006

September 23, 2006 First Post

This is a journal for us to put our feelings and our adventures along the way to Mylie.
We started the Paper Chase for Mylie October 2005. We got our I600A March 2005 and from there we waited for 58 days for our I 171H. Funny right now I can't remember dates.....boy do I feel bad about that.
We got our DTC which is the date our dossier was sent to China ( Date To China), June 9th 2006.
Our LID (Log In Date) was June 19th 2006; 10 days from our DTC.
We have been told that our wait will be any where from 12-13 months from our LID; so we should be getting our referral for Mylie Camille around June or July 2007. I know, it sounds like forever, but it could be worse from what I hear.


Susan said...

Hi Lesa! I just found your site when I typed in your title. I also think we'll be getting our referrals come June or July next year. Every fortune cookie I've opened lately has June on it. I'm not sure what else the message says, but I've been saving them all!

Susan H., GWCA

Lesa said...

Glad you found it, Susan!
I have a gut feeling about the time frame too. That is so cool that the fortunes are coming up that way.