Monday, October 09, 2006

Busy Weekend!

Friday we went to the hospital. My dad had been sent to the emergency room the night before with chest pains. They put a stint in at 11:00 am that Friday! It took 30 minutes for them to do the procedure! Wow, the things they can do these days! He was released on Saturday.
Mike went to the Hospital to take him home while I took Wendy to a Grand Opening for an Asian Market. Don't think of me as heartless please. There is now way I could have stayed up at the hospital all day waiting for them to release my dad with a over active 2 1/2 year old! That would have been murder.
Mike was there with my mother at 11:00 am to wait for the doctor to come in, and of course he didn't come in until 2:00 pm! So you see that would have been way too hard for Wendy to have done.
Anyway..... They had the Dragon Dance along with the Lion Dance which Wendy and I have never seen before! Wendy's little eyes lit up with joy seeing all of this. We happened to meet up with some of our FCCTC friends there.
Needless to say Wendy had the best time ever!


S&S said...

I'm sure your dad understood you not being there to take him home. I'm sure he was just glad to be coming home.

Wendy is such a little cutie.


Lesa said...

Thanks Sherry. It ended up that they didn't get home until 4:00 pm after all.
Poor Mike, he was such a patient thing. My dad's doctor didn't come in to see him until 1:00 pm, and they had been told he should have been there by 11:00.
Oh well, that's life.
I'm really glad that I went on and didn't have Wendy up at the hospital that long!