Monday, November 13, 2006

Busy Fall Weekend.....

Hi everyone,
This weekend Holly came in to see us and to attend a GWCA Seminar with us. We stayed very busy due to Holly not wanting to be bored. Holly had me running her to the Antique Mall, Hobby Lobby, and then back across town to Central Market to get some goodies to take home and cook.
Dad met us there and we had a good time. Wendy loves to play on their play ground.
Saturday we went to a GWCA Seminar. Wendy was our show and tell. Everyone loved her. She was very busy with her friends Sydney, Dr. Lewis' daughter, and Armei who is Melissa's daughter. Her friend Emily came with her parents Brenda and Jim who were there for show and tell also.
The key person who was there was our GWCA Founder and President Snow Wu!!!!!! It is looking like we may be getting our Referral around August 2006 if all remains the same with the CCAA's time line. On the other hand one of Snow's people told Mike that she thinks that it will speed up again. I really hope so!
Here are a few photos from this weekend.



S&S said...

See - I told you we'll be in China in July 2007!!!!

Lesa said...

I really hope so Sherry!!