Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 26th 07' The Day We Left the Review Room!!

Well, all of my girlfriends have been after me to get my act together and post this already. I really meant to, but so much has been happening all at once.
My 45th birthday was on Tuesday the 24th, and then Mike went for an interview in Amarillo on Thursday. His flight got delayed and he didn't get home until midnight. I was up but not on the computer; so I missed out on some really BIG news. Patti tried to call me and let me in on it, but nooooo the phone was unpluged due to certain reasons. I found out the next morning by getting on my computer... I had 68 messages and counting. I thought to myself something big is happening... maybe we are out of Review. Well, I had guessed it!!!! It took 21 days (15 business days) from the day we entered Review from Pending Review to now enter the line for the Matching Room. It is a long line, but there is finally hope! We are so thrilled we don't know what to do. Finally, some hope that we may be able to travel by May 08' if not sooner. We are all hoping to get our Referrals by March 08'.
We all toasted at or around 7:00 pm to our being out of the Review Room, where we know that China had in their hands on all of our paper work and photos, and didn't reject us.This is so exciting that we have all been favored to be parents again for some of us and for the first time for many.

Congratulations to my China Adoption Sisters....we will be getting our daughters before we know it.

Lots of cool things going on within such a short time. For me to be feeling sorry for myself about turning 45, but with all of this action going on I haven't been even worried about it.

Today we are celebrating Mike's mother's birthday as well as mine, the fact of being out of the Review Room, that Lacy has passed a course, and that Mike has been offered a new job. Lots going on in the Lambert household this summer.

So even though this may say July 28th 07' it is really about the 26th.....the day we left the Review Room!!!!



S&S said...

We will be there before you know it. And we'll all be together with Snow by our side.


Love ya,

Lesa said...

You Betcha!!!