Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fifteen Months Down and counting....

Today is our 15 month anniversary for being Logged In To China for our little Mylie Camille. There are still no certain time lines for us to actually be getting our Referral.
Some would say 22 months since that is how long it took for the last group to receive theirs, but they are only referring small amounts of LID's for each month. The CCAA hasn't even gotten to December 06' yet!
I've been down at times because of the long wait. I fear that at this rate I will be nearly 50 by the time we get her and Wendy will nearing 8 years old. I can't stand the thought.
My gosh, Wendy was 2 when we started our paper work up for Mylie, and she will be turning 4 on November 3rd. Why? Why can't the CCAA kick it in and get these babies to their families?
I just hope and pray that by the time October 08' comes around that we will have our referral. I guess what I'm saying is that I hope they can speed things along and can somehow get 2 months worth of referrals out at once.

All I can do is just keep posting about things that are actually happening now with us and Wendy, and when it comes time for referral everyone will hear me shouting from the top of my lungs!