Monday, January 21, 2008

19 Month Mark!

Sad but has now been 19 months since we were logged in for Mylie. I should have written this the day before yesterday, since it was the nineteenth and the 19th month of waiting.

We have been keeping ourselves busy, and trying to keep calm still about the long wait.

Over the weekend we moved Lacy into her own place. She is now in an apartment and is making her little nest. I can't wait to see it once it is finished. Lots of things to put in such a small place, but I know she can figure out where everything should go.

Mean while we are enjoying Holly being home for the weekend. She must go home this evening luckily she will be flying so it won't take that long to get back. I will be sad to see her go.

Lacy comes back tomorrow to get a few things that were left behind. It will be good to see her and here how things are coming on the new place.

As for our wait.... Well, it has been a long one and I know that one day we will have our sweet baby Mylie. It is just taking longer than anyone would dream. I guess one way of looking at things is that we are 19 months and one day closer to our little one. I can't wait to see her little face, hold her and to shower her with all of this built up love we have gained for her.

I'm still hoping for a miracle though.



Leigh said...

I know I say this a lot, but you've got to believe that God has already chosen Mylie for you. You might be ready for her, but she might not be ready for you. She is still waiting to be born, most likely. What if you were DTC a month earlier with Wendy? You wouldn't have that beautiful little angel you have now! I know you'd have another little angel and you'd be none the wiser, but think about it. I think about being even a minute "off" and I wouldn't have my Katey. I know it's agonizing but just remember that God does have his plan and your wait will be worth it!!! In saying that, do they give you any indication how much longer it will be? WE CAN'T WAIT! :) Hang in there!!!!

Lesa said...

Thanks Leigh,

I know you are right. I try my best to be patient. It is so hard.
The wait is very trying, but at least I do have my Wendy to keep me busy and amused. I have been with many in my group this round and they are waiting for their first child and I have to think if I didn't have Wendy I really would go nuts.
You are so right that God knows, and has his plan. I just hope that Mike and I can keep things together the older we get during this long wait.LOL
I've stopped asking how many more months, but it is looking like it will be sometime in 09'. That is if we are lucky. sigh
I'm glad that I had you, Sue, Ed, Sandy, John, Lorena, and Jim along for the ride with Wendy. Hey, not to mention the rest of our group.
It is nice to have at least some of the group still being in contact.

I am lucky to have several I'm logged in with this round to communicate with and share our woes with.
Thanks for being there for me Leigh. I am very lucky to have a friend like you.
Take care. Thanks for the boost.