Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Moving Boxes, Take Out Food, and Turmoil Oh My!!

We had our very first taste of the moving experience today from a Moving Company. We have ALWAYS moved ourselves. I really trust us more; if we break it we have no one to blame but ourselves.
They started out by coming in and introducing themselves and then they assessed the house. Not long after that all these boxes started coming in right and left. Lots and lots of paper to wrap things in, but no bubble wrap....HUM!
The Kitchen was the first to get the once over. One guy was packing up our family room and broke one of my trinkets my best friend from school gave me ages ago. It was old; had the word Japan in red. I about died!! He didn't even say he was sorry or anything they picked it up quickly and placed it on the fireplace mantel. dad and I were standing right there when he did it too. Movers don't seem to have a care in the world for your possessions....hum lets see how many porcelain dolls we can fit in a box. Holly has this very large porcelain doll we brought back special for her from Germany when she and I went with her school group. She saw it in the window at the moment we were boarding the bus to go to Heidelberg..... I'll never forget her excitement that day. I had found that perfect Cuckoo clock, but had it shipped home, not Holly that doll was going home on the plane with her. It almost didn't.... I know she will be heart broken if that doll is broken. I think we will take it ourselves! I'll just get the box and put it will our things we are taking.

Moving is the most stressful thing....has to be a top stresser at least.

My baby, Wendy, has cried at the drop of a hat all day today. She made us go by to say good bye to several of her favorite people today, and every time she wept. She is such a sweet sensitive little thing, and EVERYONE LOVES her!!! She has touched so many people. Many who have had a hard time racially. I love my baby, my Wendy. I can't wait to have my Mylie too. I know she will be just as sweet. I know that Wendy will be there to teach her how to be as sweet.

I plan on taking some pictures of all of the blasted boxes tomorrow. They aren't finished packing and will need at least a couple more days. I did find it funny that we had bought paper goods so we could let them pack up the breakables and I'll be twitched if they didn't pack all of them as well. Thus the reason for take out food; that and the fact that they packed up my pans and all of our food. I'm not use to this at all.

Lord, please help me to remain sane during all of this.



Leigh said...

Okay, no kidding.....I had a dream right before I woke up this morning that I walked into a room and you were holding Mylie! She was about 5 months old and her hair had a slight reddish cast to it. The Milliken's were there too and they had a new child, but not an infant...that part is not as clear but it wasn't Rory. It gets fuzzy after that, as most of my dreams do. Cool though, huh?

Happy moving.......I don't envy you at all! I'd certainly pack my valuables myself....those movers don't care AND you can't replace some things.


Lesa said...


I love your dream. I do hope she is young. But believe me I will be just as happy if she were as old as Wendy or Katey were. I'm just ready to go.

I don't envy me either! Every time we move I say it is the last time. I guess that is why we stay at each place for at least 10 years.

Things are going great and Mike loves his job!

Thanks....keep the comments coming.