Friday, December 26, 2008


was Christmas Day. The morning started off great. Wendy came in our room for the first time since she has been in her big girl bed. I was half awake at this point...she climbed up in bed with us and said "My fan is making weird noises". Humm, I said maybe it was Santa making his final stop. She laid there all snuggled up and then just couldn't contain herself any longer at all! She was full of GIGGLES! "Can we go see if Santa has came????", she said. Well little did she know that Santa hadn't placed the larger gifts out at that time. So, Dad said just a minute and I will go and see if the Old Elf has came. During this time he quietly took the larger items and placed them in front of the tree. Once he had done this he came in and said it was all clear that Santa had came and gone. Wendy jumped up and ran into the living room and just stared in awe.

I got up and told her to run and tell Holly that Santa Claus had been here. This was now right at 7:45 am. Holly really doesn't appreciate getting up this early, but made an effort to look jolly. ha.

Mean time we got coffee ready and Wendy opened up her stocking gifts while waiting for Holly to come in. Once Holly came in we started getting ready for the tree.
From that point on I started feeling a little upset in the tummy. It started lower GI and then next came the upper GI, and then the two together!! Gee whiz!!!!! I was like this from 8:30 to 6:30 pm. Mike finally found a Pharmacy that was open, good ole' Walgreen's. We'll have to remember them for the next holiday season.... I hope not!!
Our first Christmas here in our new house and this is how I got to spend it! I really don't remember what I got at all.
This morning I woke up and am feeling better, but oh so sore from all of the lower and upper GI stuff! I'm hoping that things get better today. So far so good.

I think Holly took photos of the tree and gifts; so I will post those as soon as I get a chance.

Here's hoping that everyone had a better day than I did. ha



3peas1pod said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better. Here's hoping that 2009 brings better luck!

M & M said...

Sorry you didnt have too great of a day. Glad you are feeling better though. Can't wait to see the pictures.

FHL said...

Oh Lesa, that is just not a fun way to spend Christmas! I hope you are feeling completely better and have a MUCH better New Year!

Leigh said...

Hi! I just read your whole entry. I'm sorry you were sick......that stinks! Hopefully you're feeling better now. Put some Christmas pictures on!!! I might have found a tube to send Wendy's other gift!!!! :)