Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

Inauguration Day of or 44th President of the United States of America...."Barak Obama"!

I have never seen so many people in front of the White House before. It gives me goose bumps!! Oh how I wish I could be there just to say I witnessed it in person, but being warm here and seeing it up close will be so wonderful!

Our First African American in the White House as President of the USA. What a Historical Day in the making!!!

There is only ONE United States of America so lets all stand as one. United we stand Divided we fall.

Have a Happy Day.


Debz said...

Happy 31st LID. We really are getting there.

Thinking of my American friends today. God bless America!

PletcherFamily said...

Happy Day for our country!!!
And I love your blog top. What a beautiful picture.

Leigh said...

So I sat there watching with tears streaming down my face. Katey (who is home sick....actually worked out well so she could watch too) said, Mommy, are you crying 'cause you're happy? Definitely! I thought the whole thing was wonderful and powerful. For once in my life, I really feel like my vote stood for something!!! BHO....rocks!

Lesa said...

Leigh, I did the same thing. I cried and hooped/hollered, and sang along with them.
You know that we have always felt like our vote never counted here in the state of TX!! This is one time it was finally heard by those of us who wanted change!

FHL said...

Too bad they couldn't have moved it up one day in honor of MLK....although something tells me he was smiling in heaven!

FHL said...

Oh! Your title header hadn't loaded up when I scrolled down to your post. I LOVE it!!! Beautiful!