Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still We Wait......

This is our 32nd LID Anniversary, and still we wait......)



3peas1pod said...

Happy anniversary.

Debz said...

Standing with you girlfriend.

FHL said...

All I can offer is a (((hug))) and shared tears.

Leigh said...

Boo. But as I alwasy say (whether it brings any comfort or not) is that Mylie isn't ready for you yet. That note aside, where are they on referrals in relationship to your LID date? Give Wendy a BIG hug and be so thankful that you have her.....I know you are!!! xo

Leigh said...

I know what you mean (I read my blog), I would be out of my mind crazy by now. I just really feel for those who don't have any children....I guess that's what I was getting at. I don't mean to downplay your wait must be excrutiating at times. xo

Sherry said...

In due time my dear --- in due time.

BIG hugs.

Lesa said...

Leigh, I totally feel for those who don't have children yet. Most of the ladies I'm friends with through visiting blogs and being LID with many are first time mommies.

The wait is hard on all of us.

I feel it is really hard on us due to the fact that my now 5 year old just can't grasp what on earth is taking China so long. Let alone any of us adults who can't grasp it either.

I don't want any of my friends to think I'm not thinking of them through this... It is hard for all of us.

Please Leigh, don't think I'm mad at you... I'm not at all.

I know " In Due Time"....) I'm just hoping that time will speed up for us.... sigh.

Thank you all for being here for me. That is why I post my woes and tears here sometimes. I don't do it all the time...thank goodness. You could imagine how that would be. ha

Hugs to you all.

Vivian M said...

It is so unfair...hope you won't have to wait for much longer!

Sue said...


Hang in there.
This wait is crazy. I can't imagine waiting this long. Someone (who is LID March ) told me she thought the wait was going to pick up. Have you heard anything like that?

Did you pick a date to come south?

FHL said...

Good morning Lesa :o)

The linking is actually a lot more simple than you can imagine...I just kind of stumbled onto it :o)

When you're writing a new post, up above the text area there's the toolbar with the font, size....I think it's the fifth one over from the font tab....but if you run your mouse over the toolbar, one should say link. All you need to do is type and highlight (like you do when copy/pasting) in your text the name, phrase you want to be your link. Then click on the link button and a little window will pop up where you put in the address you want to link it too. And that's it :o)

Hope you have a perfect weekend!!!
M~ :o)

Your give away looks super fun! I'd join, but if a stranger won my giveaway D would have a fit over my mailing something with our address on it.....he's a super over-the-top-safety man. Comes with his line of work, and I respect it....but you should have seen him the day an unmarked package arrived on our door when we lived overseas....we almost had the bomb squad come to visit! Considering it was from my girlfriend, that would have rather amusing and embarrassing! Silly man, but I love him..... :o)