Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Day at the Park

We decided to take a day of chilling out, and went to a local park. Our area is really good about having parks. They aren't all as fancy as this one but all are nice just the same.
This is the park that has the ducks as Wendy will say. We have had Canadian Geese here all winter, and just lately they are thinning out some. The whole area has had so many this year. There certainly isn't a shortage of Canadian Geese this year just the opposite, and for some reason they were very hard to hunt as well.

One of my favorites to see was the White Swan; there were actually 3 on the lake. Then you have the regular honking geese and the mallards are here in pairs.

Ladybugs are coming out!! We saw one land on a little girl at a birthday party that Wendy attended on Sunday afternoon. Just our luck it didn't land on me or Wendy. But we did see it!

Enjoy the photos.


Vivian M said...

What a beautiful park! And looks like you have a "giraffe" on your hands too! Sheesh our girls have long legs!

M & M said...

The park is very nice. It looks like you guys had a great day.

3peas1pod said...

Looks like a beautiful day! Too bad it is going to turn cold again! Our trees and grass here in Central TX are green. The good news is that we should get some very much needed rain.

Pam said...

Wow. Great park! It reminds me of the one we went to in Phoenix last week. Great play area. So nice you are having some good weather. We had snow yesterday and more cold temps today. Wendy looks like she's getting so tall!

Lesa said...

Pam, we have noticed a growth spurt! Her little legs are getting longer and her feet have grown also.
Her tooshie on the other hand is still pretty tiny. ha

Debz said...

Looks like a beautiful park, sounds like a perfect day.......no about my geese....SEND THEM BACK HOME!!!! LOL

Sherry said...

Looks like you guys had a great day at the park.

FHL said...

Shorts! Can we come stay with you for the next month??!

We had two days of blissful teasers before the mercury plummeted into the freezing zone again.

Great pictures!!!