Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter!!

Our celebration began on Saturday evening when we colored eggs. We had eggs that came from Mamaw and Papaws chickens, and then some we had. There were so many eggs to color, and lots of cups with colors to clean up.

The next morning Wendy woke up and came told me that the bunny didn't leave anything in her room at the foot of her bed. I told her that he must have left it in Holly's room this year since that is where she slept. Sure enough there at the foot of Holly's bed was Wendy's basket filled to the top with all kinds of goodies. Then on the other side of the bed was Holly's basket filled to the top as well. From the entry hall to the bedroom there was a trail of eggs. The Easter Bunny must have dropped them along the way to the baskets.

After we went through the basket we got dressed for Easter Services. Once back home we shared lunch across the street with our dear friends and their family. After a wonderful lunch with good company we hid eggs for Wendy and a couple of others that were there. Wendy was the only little kid, but she didn't care. The older kids actually shared their loot with her afterward. ha

I'm still trying to get photos from Mike's camera; so when I do I will add to either this post or a separate one which ever is easier.


M & M said...

Lesa, Wendy looks like a little beautiful princess. What a pretty dress. Glad you had a nice day.

Sherri & Todd said...

Now that's a PRINCESS!! She's just beautiful.


FHL said...

Lisa, you and Wendy look beautiful!

Sounds like a wonderful Easter :o) And I love the Easter bunny trail idea, too cute!!

Sherry said...

What a little cutie. Sounds like a very nice Easter.

Susan said...

Lesa, I second the comment above -- you and Wendy look stunning in that photo! That's one you need to put in a frame.

Glad to hear you had a wonderful holiday!
Susan & Maiya

Amy said...

Her dress is beautiful!