Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh My Word....

Is it already time to get Wendy ready for Dress Rehearsal???

So much has happened in a months time. We had our Dance Instructor taken from us. So many are still confused by this. One day we were happy and dancing and then the next week we were told to be prepared when we went to class.... The word was our teacher had decided to retire. HUM...) That was just too weird. Someone who had been teaching and leading their department at the College here for 23 years all of the sudden before Recitals decided to RETIRE? No way!!

Once off the phone with my friend I called the teacher. She told me that they gave no reason why, but they decided to let her go. They have a reason I'm sure... Not a good one and won't tell her why she was let go. She told me and the other moms that it was not her choice to have to retire. They hired someone from Ohio so you know they had planned this for some time. The teacher had been off work for 4 weeks due to surgery and was still keeping up even from the hospital. She and I have a feeling that this may have been it not to mention one mom who kept calling and causing trouble.

Why couldn't they just allow this teacher the courtesy of finishing her year with her kiddos and seeing them enjoy their recital?????? The once that are suffering right now are the children. Poor Wendy goes to practice and once home says I don't like that new teacher I miss Ms. L. I tell her I know I miss her too, but next fall we will be taking from her once again under a new location. We just love her so much.

Sad thing is this was Wendy's first year for Dance of any kind and she was just loving it. She has potential as her teacher has said. When a child is enjoying something so much and something like this happens you worry if it will make them not want to ever dance again. Luckily we have kept it pretty up beat. Ms. L was wanting all of us to stay up beat about things for the children's sake.

I plan on taking plenty of photos and video. My Wendy can dance! I just hope that she doesn't get stage fright. Wish us luck. The Recital is on Wednesday night; so more to come.....



Debz said...

Hummmm....sounds pretty shady to me...perhaps the old teacher could start her own dance school?! Then Wendy can continue with her....just a thought...I feel bad for little Wendy....tell her I'm sorry to hear her teacher retired.

Looking forward to seeing pics or videos.

Lesa said...

Debz, I had thought the same thing. Luckily she is going to be teaching at a local community theatre for dance. She has been with the 15 years, and 23 years for the college.
She definitely would have the students.

Anonymous said...

Oh! Good luck!

Erica said...

I hope Wendy did great tonight!! Brooke's dance recital is next Saturday.