Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tap, Hamster Rodeo

Sorry, this wouldn't add to the last post. I tried. ha... I guess there was just too much for one post. This was the best dance they did and the best we saw that evening. Of course we are slightly bias. lol
The crowed really liked this dance and the girls were having lots of fun with it. The one little one you can't see off to the far left was just doing her own little kind of kick since she was just so small. I hope Holly got it on the video camera, cause it was just so darn cute. Notice my baby is one of the center leaders!



Debz said...

AWWW! They are sooooo cute! Looks like they had a blast!
Love the pics of Wendy, she looks pretty pleased with her performance!
Love her smile!

Susan said...

Even cuter than that ballet recital! Love the little diddy they are tapping to, although if I heard it too much I might feel differently ; ) I'm tapping my foot right along with them! Great job Wendy!!!

Your pal Susan

Lesa said...

I agree this is the cutest one! I have that tune in my head and can't get it out. ha Luckily it isn't driving me crazy yet.

Doesn't she have infectious smile?! I know I'm her momma, but I can't get too much of that smile.

Sherri & Todd said...

Oh my gosh was that ever so very cute! Your little one is just adorable.

Kristy said...

Oh that smile is just gorgeous!!!

Love, Kristy

FHL said...

Lesa we are using:
It's a very small agency and doesn't always have big business mechanical processing procedures in place....but they care a WHOLE lot, work very hard, have a wonderful orphanage and staff, and truly love these children.

Ethiopia is very different depending on agency. A couple in our Bible study group has been waiting since last October for a baby girl referral with their much larger agency....while a family who put in their dossier two weeks ahead of us just got matched with a @2 month old baby girl. There is no true way of knowing when and if there will be babies available. But we were told to prepare for the worst case of being matched in October for an infant boy...and well. They gave us the shock of our life!!! An amazingly wonderful shock :o) But a shock none the less as we were pretty far down on the waiting list...

We're not allowed to share his photo until after we pass court and he's officially ours. But he's adorable. Very Ethiopian looking with light mocha skin, large expressive looking forward passing court and bringing him home hopefully by Christmas :o)

Let me know what you all decide to do! If you're anything like me, you'll start the process with Ethiopia and then immediately find a waiting baby :o) That's just how my life tends to flow....

Sending a huge hug,

FHL said...

Oh it just dawned on me! Is your other friend Sandra? She uses Hope as well :o)

Sherri & Todd said...

thank you for stopping by our blog and leaving that sweet comment about my school issue yesterday, I felt like a baby with all the crying i've done.
Thanks Lesa

Debz said...

Hi :o)
Pretty quiet over here...things must be busy.
Hope all is well.
Did you ever get the second e-mail I sent to you? (since you didn't get the first one?)

FHL said...

The photo on the blog is actually one I just pulled from the internet, but ours did look very similar. D took a photo of ours, but we didn't think about it until it was 3/4 gone! It was delicious Lisa! I had a vegtable combo that combined these two platters:
Sautéed fresh string beans, carrots and onion.
Fresh cabbage, potatoes and carrots sautéed with
garlic, ginger and curry

And D had:
Boneless leg of lamb sautéed with Ethiopian honey wine, onions,
fresh tomatoes, green peppers and finished with awaze.

They serve all of it on one platter and then we each had a plate of injera (a stretchy flat bread-which is super yummy). It was a lot of fun. Spicey, but yet D's meat was very we plan on getting that for J the next time we go :o)
A friend told us that if it says Tibs or Wat, it's often good :o)