Monday, July 20, 2009

Well folks, we have made the 3 year one month mark!!

I really didn't want to post at all about this, but the day got away from me anyway so writing about it a day late feels pretty good.

#37 this go around. There really isn't any telling how much longer we have to wait. The last group of referrals went to March 20th 2006 and they had waited 40 months. I know that it doesn't sound like we have that much more time to wait, but when you think about how many days they the get up to each month it will take at least a year more. The only way we will speed up is if China starts doing 2-3 weeks worth at a time now. We certainly have hoped for a speed up, but look how long we have hoped for that to happen.

Off my soap box. I'm okay with it right now.

My worst thing that is on my mind this week is that I am about to turn "47" on Friday, and I had always had in my head that there would be no possible way we would not have Mylie by the time my 47th birthday hit. Wendy continues to ask me how old I am. I continue to tell her the truth.... Although, yesterday I told her I have decided to remain 46 for a very long time now. LOL

I have tried to get my photo stick to upload my latest photos of things that have been going on around here.

I'm so sorry that I have been so delayed with my posts. I promise once I get these photos off of my memory stick I will post them.

One quick thing to tell you. We had friends of ours from Ft. Worth fly up to see us on Saturday!! We were overjoyed to be able to spend the day with them. We visited here at the house and then took them to a favorite hamburger place here called "Blue Sky". They had a sand pit for the girls to play in and those two cuties had the best time. It took a little bit for them to warm up to each other since we haven't seen them in a year, but once they played a bit together they didn't want to part. Wendy and I drove them back to the Airport and on our way home Wendy dropped off to sleep for the ride home which was only about 15 minutes. Jim and Brenda told me that Emily fell asleep before the plane took off. We all knew that they had a great time since they had been so worn out from playing.
I will post those photos to the tail end of this message as soon as I can.

Good to be back on the blog!

Love you guys,


a Tonggu Momma said...

Lesa ~ We are right there with you. Who knew three years ago that we'd still be here? But at least we are not alone in this. (((hugs)))

Sherry said...

Hang in there. I think about all you guys still waiting everyday.

And I'm not sure why you are telling the truth about your age. I'm still 27 and staying that way until Cassie is in high shcool.

Love ya,

Vivian M said...

Ugh, I am so heartbroken over the delays and the length of time it is taking for China adoptions. My heart goes out to you, all the waiting families, and especially those little ones spending their days in an orphanage, instead of with their forever families and home.

FHL said...

I am so sorry Lisa. When I saw the matches this month for another 2 days I almost just broke down in tears in the middle of the kitchen. Truth, with a LID of 4/13/07, we're truly beginning to wonder if we're ever going to see and hold our sweet princess. E. is a balm to my broken heart, but even with that.....well you remember the wait with Wendy.

I'm praying that you will find your daughter soon either on the waiting list or that things will speed up.

Sending a (((HUG))) your way.

(And the truth, I often have hope in the morning....but by nightfall I often cry myself to sleep. Good thing there's always a new day...)