Sunday, September 27, 2009

Happy Birthday 3rd Birthday Evan!!

Sweet boy we sang to you today and celebrated at a favorite eatery of ours. I hope you got your lovely cake today, and I sure hope you got the package we sent to you.
All we could do today was think of how fun it will be to have you with us. We are packing our bags and getting ready to come and bring you home. It won't be long, Evan. It is the last birthday you will spend without a mama, baba, and jie jie's.

We love you our son, and will be with you soon.

Happy Birthday, little Evan!!!!!!!!!

Mama, Baba, Wendy, Holly, and Lacy

Here is a photo of what we sent to Evan for his big day.


Sherri & Todd said...

Happy 3rd Birthday dear sweet Evan! Little guy i'm so happy for you and I can't wait for your Mama and Baba to pick you up and bring you home.

Mrs. Sherri

3peas1pod said...

I have a tear in my eye. Oh how you must miss your sweet boy today. So glad that it will not be long before you can hold him in your arms. Happy birthday, Evan!

Adrian Roberta said...

Come here from my Blog that you commented on......What a great 1st post to read. Happy Birthday Evan! Our Jade's b-day is coming up aswell and we'll get Ann to send a cake, did you use her aswell?


Sherry said...

Happy Birthday Evan!!!!!

Your last birthday without your family there to help you blow out your candles. Now that's a wish come true.

Pam said...

Happy belated birthday, Evan. Your family is on its way very soon.

Special K said...

Happy Birthday Evan!
A little belated... LOL!

FHL said...

OK Lady, Now you turned me into a drippy mess!!! I am so so so glad that Evan will soon be home!! HOME LESA!!! Yay!!

OK, I need to go get a sponge to wipe off the puddle I left on the chair *wink*