Friday, October 16, 2009

My Beautiful Ballerina

Ballerina dance for me. Wendy has found her love with dance. This year Wendy has really blossomed. Since May Wendy has hoped for dance to begin again. She just loves the art, but she also loves and adores her teacher, Ms. Bluejeans.

I put Wendy in a two day a week dance class this year and she has blossomed so much. When we watched our daughter, yesterday for parent observation day, I just couldn't get over how far she has come from that little girl last year. She is the tiniest one in her class. I guess that will just be the way it will be all her life. ha Sweet and Petite!!

Enjoy these videos of our girl.


Sherri & Todd said...

so very sweet! She does make a beautiful Ballerina

Sherry said...

Simply adorable!!!!!!!

Mary said...

Wendy looks more experienced than some of the bigger girls! Very good!

FHL said...

So sweet! She's doing great!!!

Susan said...

I'm chiming in late, as usual.... Wendy has certainly blossomed! She is just adorable, and she makes me want to enroll Maiya in dance classes ASAP.

Hey, you are leaving in a couple days! I can't believe it, and will have you all in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days. When's Gotcha Day again? I will be checking in to see how things are progressing and sure hope you can access the internet to get us updates.

Much love to you all. Safe and happy travels! I too wish we were all going with you, so we will definitely have to plan a reunion once everyone has their little ones home with them.


Kristy said...

She really is a beautiful ballerina. I cant believe you are already leaving, I cant wait to see him with you!!!! I am praying for you and your husbands trip, may God bless you and keep a hedge of protection around all of you.

Love you, Kristy

Debz said...

Sweet! She's a natural!
So by now you have probably left. I pray you have a safe trip! Looking forward to hearing about it!

Melissa said...

This is great! What a beautiful ballerina. I am so glad that she truly enjoys dance. It helps to shape poise, discipline and encourages confidence (can you tell I am a former dancer???). Thank you for sharing.