Thursday, December 24, 2009

Momma it Kuh-nowed!!!

We woke up to the wind howling and the snow blowing. It was pretty frigid outside. Now grant you the snow isn't that deep, but Mike still had to work with the shovel this morning. The windshield was heavy with snow.

Before he actually headed out Evan woke up and said "Momma it Kuh-nowed"!! We laughed so hard. Wendy came in and he told her the same thing, but Wendy told him the correct way to say it. Evan then said "Snu-owed". LOL God love him.... he sure is trying. The one thing he can say plain as day is Santa Claus.


Sherri said...

Merry Christmas my dear friend.


Sherry said...

Love the snow -- we don't have any here.

Merry Christmas!!!!

M & M said...

What a great treat for you all...I bet the kids loved it! Did they play? Christmas is always extra special when there is snow on the ground. Hope you had a great day

bbmomof2boys said...

Lesa!!! Merry Christmas and congratulations on your very handsmome little boy!! I'm so happy you sent me a card. My pc crashed and I lost EVERYTHING - UGH!

Boys are wonderful and full of mischief too. I'm so so happy for you and your family. Little T is growing like a weed. She's 3 1/2 now and currently telling me no because she wants me off the pc. heh.


Debz said...

FINALLY! I've been trying to get onto your blog forever and my computer kept telling me I was on an Illigal track or something wierd!

Looks like everything is going great! Even is so cute. I'm so happy you had your boy for Christmas!

Happy New Year my friend!

ps. The dresses I have for Sugar came from Zellers actually! 40 bucks each! They are really well made4 too! Jackpot!

Leigh said...

Yeah! I finally got back on.....kept getting kicked off. Hope you had a good Christmas! Katey asked when we were going to see you again.....I said I don't know, but I hope in the fall????

Kristy said...

Hi Lesa, just wanted to stop by , we leave in the morning for Europe , so I will catch up on all of you when we get back. Love the pictures. Miss ya.

Love and blessings, Kristy

Kevin, Debbi and Sarah said...


Catching up on your blog and so much has happened. Sending you good thoughts and a long distance hug. Your kiddos are just adorable and hopefully settling into a happy routine. Would love to be Facebook friends, but I can't find your last name to find you. Hope you'll send a friend request to me.