Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lots going on.... Gotcha Day Anniversary and more...

Now and Then....

First of all I missed speaking about Gotcha Day for Evan. It was the 25th of October and boy was that a day in a half!!! He sure has fit in with the our family. I will say one thing that holds true from day one; he is still strong willed and obstinate.... always determined it will be HIS way! Even if it is opening or closing a door especially if it is the car door! He and I go head to head on many a battle. I have a friend that tells me "now Lesa choose your battles". True, but there are so many with him.LOL
On the other hand he's adjusting really well and is such a loving little guy. He loves his new school and he LOVES Dance!!!! He brought home an antic that the teacher taught him for their dance. Well I had never seen him do this and figured it was something he picked up from school. You know when children put their fingers in their ears and then stick their tongue out like they are saying nana nana nana....? Well I asked him to pick up something and take it to his room and he did this and I looked him and said where on earth did you learn this??? He then said "Ms. Bluejeans"... I did a retake and asked what? LOL
When we went to dance I asked her about it and she said "yeah, he does this for our dance". I looked at her and said that is what he said, but did you know he used it on me when I asked him to do something for me at home? We both laughed under our breath and then she turned and said "Evan, we don't do this at home to mommy. (LOL!!!)

He and Wendy are beginning to play like pals. Yes, they still have their moments, but hey what sibling doesn't right. He loves his Holly and his Lacy. He and Daddy are huge pals. He and I have tons of fun here at home while playing outside or meeting with friends.

Holly celebrated her 23rd birthday on the 27th.

Wendy celebrated her 7th birthday on the 30th of October with a Mad Hatter Halloween Tea Party. I do believe that was the best party I've ever thrown and I've thrown many over the 27 year span! I have favorites but this one was just great. You know that feeling?

We had our first "official" Trick or Treating with Evan this year and he loved it so much. He knew exactly what to say at each house. It was so dang cute to watch how excited he was doing this. We did have a small celebration last year in China, but lets face it we only had one doorbell to ring and that was our own. Luckily I was prepared and brought some candy and 4 face masks (non scary type). We could tell then that he was going to enjoy our favorite holiday for sure.

Today marks the 1st year anniversary of our arriving home with Evan. It was some trip home and all of the planes we had to catch to finally be back in our house. The jet lag was horrible and still fresh in my mind.

Tonight at 12:30 a.m. marks the 1year anniversary of my dad passing from this earth. I miss him terribly and so does my family. I know that my mother really does. There have been many a phone call I've made to my sweet mother over this year. We have cried together and have reminisced about days with dad. We have talked to him when she has misplaced things that he actually put away himself. lol Do you know that dad actually seemed to help guide her to the camera that he had put in his clean clothes basket! I know you may not believe that but we do.
Dad, we all miss your wonderful laugh and your love. I have been calling my little ones darlin' like you always called seems to help.
Love you with all my heart...until we meat again.


Leigh said...

Love how you make it a "family affair!" The picture of you and Mike is priceless!!!

Special K said...

Can't believe it's been a year already! Glad Evan is doing so well. All the pics are beautiful. The party looks awesome!
Happy anniversary!

Debz said...

Gosh where has the year gone!
Love the updates, love the pics! WoW! you really went all out with the costumes! Wonderful!

Sherry said...

Thanks for the update Lesa. LOVE all the pictures. Miss you!!!