Sunday, October 06, 2013

Evan is Seven!!!

Evan turned Seven last week!! We had a small family party on his big day.  Evan loves being celebrated so much!!!! I was so sick last week before his birthday on Friday. I didn't have his present bought or anything.  Evan had one request really and that was to have a new bike. Funny he actually got a new one the year before, but was too small for it; so Wendy took it over and poor little guy had her princess bike. :(. This year I decided to try once more.... He had no idea since they knew I hadn't been able to get out. Was an awesome surprise!!!
My mom and Mike's mother sent Evan birthday packages and he loved them both! Even Uncle Chuck and his family sent him a card with seven one dollar bills inside.
The only trouble we had was that Evan and Wendy came down with the virus I had and unfortunately we had to reschedule the birthday for his friends. So we are trying again this coming Friday for the Pumpkin Farm.

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FHL said...

Oh my! Look at your handsome baby all grown up!!! 7 is such a fun boy age :)

Your comment made me smile, it was so great to hear from you! We are doing really well. The Army has currently planted us in Florida and we are loving being just a few hour flight from family :) Both boys are doing great...J is keeping us hopping with ice hockey and E with soccer. This multiple kid, activity thing is crazy! But fun :)

I sure hope you all are already feeling a bit better and can kick this bug soon! :(

Sending (((Hugs)))