Thursday, December 14, 2006

A bit of good luck is flying in my house!!!

The Ladybugs are coming in! This happened when we were waiting for Wendy; now it is happening with Mylie. Mike brought some home the day before yesterday in a bag. He had them in his office! This also happened while waiting for Wendy.
It must be some kind of good sign. We were off to get Wendy not long after they started to appear.
Hey one can dream can't one? I really am hoping that the wait won't go past September for our Referral and we can travel in December of 2007. Right now the CCAA is saying the wait will be 15-16 months. It just keeps on getting a little longer every time word comes out.
The wait is getting harder! I just can't believe that it is taking so long when it wasn't that long a wait for Wendy.
When October 2007 hits it will be a 2 years from start of paper work to that point for Mylie. It was only a year from start to referral for Wendy. Hopefully Mylie's Referral will be here by then.
Oh by the way, someone told me a long while back on our Junebug group that the orange ladybugs weren't really ladybugs. This isn't true. We were given a book on ladybugs and there are many varities of ladybugs; so when we read this I said so they weren't really ladybugs hugh? I am so glad to hear that I had ladybug luck after all.


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