Sunday, January 28, 2007

Long time since I've written last...

We have been so busy with either going on our little family getaway holiday vacation to Disney World, Christmas hitting, New Years, or going to Lubbock on one of the worst ICE Days of all, or Mike's 50th Birthday.
I will try to re-cap some of the things that have happened over the past couple of months.
We were very fortunate to be able to go to Disney World December 15-19. There is no way we would have been able to have afforded the trip with out our oldest daughter working there in the Student Internship Program they have for college students. Lacy had been a Disney Character or two or three.... and that was during the heat. She became heat exhausted and they allowed her to be a Character Attendant. She was able to get three of us in for free admission and discounts on our merchandise, plus 60% OFF of our Resort stay!!!!! Now you can see how we couldn't pass up this trip to see her.
While we were there we were able to spend one of our days with some of our travel mates from our adoption trip for Wendy. It was WONDERFUL being able to see them again!!!! I do wish we lived closer. These two families have become part of our family.

When we got home I finished decorating for X-mas, after doing a great amount of it before we left. We didn't have long to wrap our packages get Secret Pal gifts off, and getting our famous North Park Center Santa Pictures made before hosting our family Christmas Dinner and gift exchange the Saturday after returning home.

New Years was spent relaxing and watching Twilight Zone. We have done this for years now.

The month of January has been spent getting the house back in order from putting all of our numerous boxes of Christmas Decorations away, and some are still lingering in the garage ready to go up in the attic.

The three of us, Mike, Wendy and I, went to visit Holly in Lubbock the weekend after she went back to school. All week we planned and made arrangements to stay at a brand new Quality Inn there. The day before we find out that the trip may be over before it began because of a Winter Weather Warning. We decided to go anyway rather than to loose the money we had put down on the room. It was so dangerous once we reached Abilene. There is what is know as black ice and 18 wheelers were loosing traction and going over on their sides in the median. We were luckily in Mike's truck which has 4 wheel drive, but it was still very dangerous. Wendy was all snuggled down in the back seat of the truck watching Curious George. Thanks to Mike's computer she was really good the whole way there and back. What a trooper.
Once there we just swung by and delivered the shelf that we were bringing to her for he new dorm room which we had wrapped up in a tarp for protection. We slipped all the way to her dorm entrance and helped put it in. Then we were off to our room. It was so nice, new and very clean!! We had the best time. We swam in a heated pool, and shopped at her mall there. When it was time to come home we did fine until we got right past Abilene. They were doing road work and the bridges were icing over. There was a hour delay through the first road construction area, and a two hour delay stop and stop at the second one that was only 30 minutes away from Weatherford!!!! It took us a little over 8 hours to get to Lubbock and 10 hours to get back home! What a unnerving trip!

We had three January birthdays come through. My mothers was on Jan. 5th, Mike's was Jan.22nd, and my dads was on Jan. 24th. ...very busy month for birthdays.
Mike turned the big "5" "0" !!!! He handled it very well. I'm not sure how I will act when I turn 50...probably not as well.
We celebrated all three birthdays yesterday by having my parents over for lunch and cake ( Mississippi Mud Cake that I made). We took Mike out to Macaroni Grill and the Stockyard Rodeo that evening, just the 6 of us, Mike, Wendy, Holly, Lacy, Nick, and myself. We had a good time.

I have received both of my Secret Pal gifts recently as well.

Wendy and I have been going to a newly started Play Group with our Tarrant County FCC group. The first meeting was the day before we went to see Holly, and the second one was this past Friday.
We have been meeting on Fridays at Ridgmar Mall and it is so nice to see Wendy play and interact with the other children. The first time she was really quite and not her outgoing self; the second time she was outgoing and very bubbly. She was a show off for the camera. She had three other girls that are her age to play with and one that is slightly older. The rest were younger than her, but she was so sweet to all of them.

This has truly been a VERY BUSY MONTH! Good thing too, I have had less time to ponder on our long wait for Mylie.

I'll post photos of the various things in a separate post for I am not sure it will download with such a long written post.

Take Care.

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