Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our vacation.....

First meeting, notice Wendy down below.....

Talking about our necklaces and my earrings....meanwhile Wendy is still tugging.

Wendy with Snow after asking the big question....."When will I get my sister Mylie?"

We went to the GWCA Picnic Reunion. We had a wonderful time. We met up with a family we had traveled with back in 04', and had a terrific time. There were many families that attended including one of the families that was on the DVD China's Lost Daughters. I was so excited to see them and was able to talk with them. I also met some that were familiar to me from the GWCA online forum.
Snow and I had a good conversation, and Wendy managed asking a very direct question "When am I going to get MY SISTER Mylie??". Snow told her " Believe me I want Mylie to come home too."
That evening we went downtown Austin and went to the Capital. I have never been inside neither had anyone else. Funny how I've driven by lots of times, but never knew we could go in. Afterward we walked down to 6th street and ate at a Mexican Restaurant which was delicious. We took a carriage ride after dinner. This is something I've always wanted to do in downtown Ft.Worth. They only charged us $50.00 dollars and then we tipped her nicely. Our horses name was Dennis.
On Sunday we drove to San Antonio to Sea World. We were there not long after they had opened. This was Wendy's first time there, and we hadn't been there since Holly was 3years old. Lacy didn't get to make the trip with us. She would have enjoyed watching the shows with us. It rained on us a couple of times. That evening we met with my new travel sisters for dinner. Wendy got to meet her Aunties, and a new friend, Paige. Mike and Holly hadn't met Lynn, Tom, Patti, or Paige before. We had a wonderful visit. The girls played on their playground, and afterward we went to Cold Stone Creamier. Wendy started showing her personality while we were there; or was it the sugar?? Hummmm.

Monday we were going to Fiesta Texas, but there was 80% rain in the forecast. We decided to say good-bye to our friends and head back home. We went to Natural Bridge Caverns, Johnson Ranch, and then to Fredericksburg for German food! YUM!!!! That evening we spent the night in Marble Falls. The next morning we came on home, and it was a good thing we did, because right afterward it flooded there. This has been a very wet Summer!!!



S&S said...

Hey, I thought we were the June 06 group --- not the June 07 group.



Lesa said...

OOPS.... Thanks Sherry, I've corrected it.