Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day wether you are already a momma or are waiting to be!

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

I have the best kids ever!!! Even though they aren't home, Lacy and Holly both thought of their mom a little early. Holly is in Honduras on a Mission Trip and I hope she is being safe! Lacy is in Las Vegas scoping out the sites, I hope she stays safe as well.
Holly came home on Tuesday evening and was ready to unload her car, but instead came in with my mother's day present! Holly and some of her friends at TX TECH went and made some pottery items. Holly made me some of the coolest coasters I've ever seen!! Each one was different....the top one had MOM written on it,and when it is turned upside down it says anyone can use it. The second one had neat dots on it with a creamsicle orange background, the third had a ladybug on it with a lime green background, and the fourth had burgundy diamonds on a lavender background.
Lacy surprised me on Friday with my mother's day gift. She is working at LUSH; which sales all kinds of bath soaps, bubble bars, and lotions. She got me a box of different beauty items inside. She also got me a lovely sapphire bracelet! What a surprise that was..... I love both of my older daughters very much!!

Wendy and daddy are taking me to Six Flags this evening! We are going to have a blast. She didn't leave for the weekend like her older sisters did; so we will have fun riding rides at the theme park on Mother's Day! She and daddy haven't given me their gift yet, but will later today they said.

I'm a very lucky momma!!!! I have three wonderful daughters, and one on the way!!! We still have a while to wait for our Mylie Camille.
Mylie, momma loves you where ever you are, and will be celebrating next year with you and your sisters. What a fun day that will be!!

I'll add photos of all my neat stuff later..... I'll even post some of our adventure at Six Flags.


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Christie said...

I enjoyed your blog! It is comforting to know we are not alone in the grueling wait.

I updated the blog and the video now works. Please visit again when you get the chance!