Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Wendy's Traumatic Visit to the Doctor....

Actually, the doctors visit wasn't bad at all, because she is truly spoiled there. The nurse brings her a treat, and always gives more stickers to her. .

No, this is the story of how traumatic the Phlebotimists visit was actually!

My Poor little Angel~

I took Wendy to the Dr. and she told me that her ear was okay, her tummy seemed fine, and her chest was clear. She did say since she was sneezing and running a low grade fever it could be a virus. She did tell me that she thought that the stress of all that is going on could be the reason for the tummy ache, but with that said didn't have any advice. I've been doing Mylacon drops and that seems to relieve it some.
She had a blood test ran for lead from the toys that have been recalled. Wendy had two that were on the list; so I guess we will see how that went.
Okay, a three year old having blood work done...... She cried,screamed,told us to stop it, told the lady doing the draw she didn't like her and then out of no where she said she Hated her!! Wendy has NEVER said that to anyone! I had to lock down her legs with mine, her arms I had to grasp pretty hard. I hated the lady too at that point!
Wendy kept screaming and crying and saying "You're hurting my FEELINGS"!! The door opened and we came out. She got a sucker, and a sticker. The ones in the waiting area had their eyes wide and mouths open. Only one lady said "poor baby, bless her heart".
I got her out and set out on a bench outside and let her cry it out. She was doing the sniffle thing, and said she was having hiccups. I smiled and said no baby when people cry that hard they get the sniffles.
We went to the book store and as she was looking at books and loading me down she told me that her feelings were feeling some better. It was so funny/cute.
Then she wanted to go to Babies R Us for a toy, of course I took her. I haven't seen her cry like that since she was first home with us, and the doctor ordered 7 shots at one time, and a blood test to tell how many shots she actually had had in China. She was just as upset, but only 13 1/2 months old. I do think this was a little more traumatic because she knew what was going to happen.
I did find her a London Fog coat at Babies R Us, and with a move to Amarillo she will need it. I haven't really thought about it much, but we all will need cold weather items. Our area is pretty mild in comparison to Amarillo. Lubbock gets really cold too. I am actually excited about getting some winter clothes now! Oh, and you ask....did she get a toy?? You BET!!

I couldn't pass the story up since I kept finding it cuter and cuter. She would stop and think at the Bookstore and come up and say "Mommy, my feelings are feeling a
little better. Then she would read another book, and then say it again. By the time she had a stack of books chosen she told me that her feelings were much better now, but she still didn't like that lady!


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