Tuesday, February 19, 2008

As Promised, here are some of the photos of President Clinton and Wendy!!!

President Bill Clinton reaching for Wendy Monet Chunchu!!
President Bill holding Wendy (Obviously)
President Bill passing Wendy back to daddy.

I so want to thank the lady who sent these our way. We had not realized that we could have our camera, and when we actually got in there here everyone had them! I am so happy that someone was kind enough to send the photos our way. Wendy will never forget this! She has the news paper of him making his speech and just stares at it, but when these photos came to us last night via email she was in a trance. Who can blame her. It all happened so fast. I cried when I saw he was actually going to hold her. I could have never imagined. It was like being at a Beetles Concert with hands going every direction, and getting squeezed and pressed between Holly and the 75 other people from behind just wanting to see him or to do as we did to shake his hand.
It was just so surreal.


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