Sunday, February 17, 2008

House Hunting Trip and meeting a GREAT MAN!!

Well we left for Amarillo on Wednesday and got there around 5:30 pm. Not too bad since we made 3 stops, and they were long ones. We found some Rest Stops that were called Safety Stops. They have really nice restrooms, and then inside the centers they have Coffee and Coke machines along with snacks. Mike and I spent 85 cents on a cup of coffee and it was really good. They also had large Play Grounds that Wendy fell in love with. The dogs even enjoyed the breaks we took.

We went House hunting on Thursday and toured 14 homes that one day alone. We had it narrowed down to one home finally and found out that another couple had sold their home and were coming to make a bid on it! They had seen it before the sale of their home and told them they wanted to have them hold it for them until they could sell their house; which sold in two days!!!!!!! Mike freaked and called our Realtor back and said we wanted it. Holly came down from Lubbock to House hunt with us on Friday. Before Holly got there we put down earnest money and signed a contract. Made a bid and then she countered and then we back and then she came back with the final bid on Saturday Morning. Well, both previous owners swore that they never had any problems with flooding. He had such a hard time with accepting the house and the Realtor took us around to four other houses we headed back to the motel to get the dogs and check out and then look some more. I set there getting depressed and thinking at that rate we would never find a house. They are either were too expensive for the size or the rooms are too tiny or the floor plan was terrible.....nothing at all like the Ft. Worth housing costs...which also made it difficult.

He could see I was not doing too well and said lets just get that house. He said he just needed to know I loved the house and that we had a back up house in case something went wrong. I told him I loved it and the back up would be a house we had seen on the internet with lots of BLACK Tile in it. The guy who owned it was a Realtor himself, but chose BLACK!! Holly wanted to see it so we took her to it and she said good back up but we would have to redo all cabinets and it would be a fun fixer upper. Enough said, if the inspections go well and the people who inspect it swear it won't flood we have a house.

I will post photos as soon as we get the word.

Now then, after all of that and an Icy Saturday trying to finish up house hunting we drove all the way to Lubbock to go to a Basketball Game....needless to say we didn't make it to the game.....

We had learned in Amarillo that Bill Clinton was going to be in town at 2:30 pm and then 5:30 in Lubbock. We got so excited.. Mike has always wanted to meet him.
We got in town at 4:50 pm. and parked, walked to the High School that Buddy Holly attended and found many people were wanting to see him; many coming from the metro- plex and surrounding areas. We walked down past the school and someone said keep going it wraps around about 5 blocks. Well, we made it to the fourth turn and got to the end of the line. People were starting to leave the line because of a rumor that there had to be a ticket to get in (NOT TRUE) we stayed the course and got almost to the Gym door with about 40 people in front of us. They were only allowing 1200 people in the main gym, but we heard they had actually allowed 1750 in. The doors shut and then they directed us to the Practice Gym. Only 100 could go in and we made it in there with being shoved through the door like sardines being vacuum packed in a can. We found out he was leaving that direction and they had blocked it off so he could walk through. We were second row behind the bars and after 3 hours of standing in line and in the gym listening to his speech he finally came back to us and we really didn't think he would shake hands just leave, but wait he did he started at the bleachers and worked his way back toward us and I touched his hand while the guy next to me shook it then he grabbed my hand and Holly's together and gripped (his hands are so soft!)....Wendy leaned it toward him and he took her from Mike!!!!!!! She went over the barricade and he held her. He asked Mike if she were his and he said yes sir. He said that she sure was beautiful and of course Mike told him thank you. Back she came and I cried that someone that famous took and held my baby!! He shook Mike's hand went on down to the end and came back shaking hands again he shook ours again and then told Wendy "bye bye darlin' ". Can you BELIEVE it?????? Me neither!! We didn't have a camera since we ran from the car to get into the mega line. The nice people around us had captured it on their cameras and we are hoping that they will be kind enough to send them our way. We left our addresses with them so maybe one of them will get a photo to us. As we were leaving many stopped us and congratulated us on our daughter be held by him. I hope Wendy will remember this. She woke up this morning and said where is President Bill? We got a local paper with the photos of him inside the main gym, but the Media wasn't anywhere around to know that the 100 special people got to actually come in close contact with President Bill Clinton!!!


PS... I bought Holly a "Hillary Rocks" campaign pin in HOT PINK. I would have gotten more but we were afraid of losing our place in line. Not to mention we thought we could get more after we left the Speech.....we were sent out the opposite doors. Darn it! At least we have the one pin from that night.

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Leigh said...

I get the part about the househunting (call me, by the way!), but I don't understand the part about the "great man." I read the whole thing twice but read nothing about meeting a great man. Please explain.

Oh, I'm kidding! I might not agree with you but I got it! ;)