Saturday, November 29, 2008

Something to be Happy About.... Our 4th Gotcha Anniversary

Wendy with her 3 SWI mates. Wendy, Katey, Abagail, and Jade along with the mommies.
Katey and Wendy shared the same Nanny together.

Group Photo in the White Swan "Red Couch Day"

First Night with us... "Harmonious Time Frame"

Very Inquisitive Look.

First Evening With Wendy.

Happy Gotcha Day our sweet little Wendy! I just can't believe it has been 4 years since we received Miss Wendy Monet Chunchu.

I am so happy that she has grown and thrived so well with us. We could tell on Day One that she was a really bight little thing. I would have never thought we would have our Wendy at one time. I use to keep saying to myself that our two older bio daughters were all we would have, but our daughter Holly kept on and kept on begging us to let her have a little sister. Finally we were getting to empty nest stage when Holly was 17 and Lacy was 19 when we all set out on our journey to Wendy. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

For all of our travel mates " A Very Happy Gotcha Day" Sure wish we could see all of you once more. Luckily we keep up with a few of you.

We couldn't love you more, Wendy.

Momma and Daddy


Leigh said...

It's a wonderful anniversary and we're happy we can share it with you!!!

Jeanette said...

Happy 4th Gotcha anniversary!!! Love the pictures!

FHL said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Adorable pictures!!!