Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have you ever been this embarrassed ??

Try taking your children to the mall play area and see if one of them pull their pants down!!
Yep, you read that correctly. I was sitting while watching Wendy and Evan play on all of the neat things they have there. One moment I lost sight of Evan and asked Wendy where he was and she said he was over by the car. Okay, I saw him...all was fine. Then I was watching Wendy and all of the sudden she came running and saying "Momma momma, Evan just pulled his pants down and I got my stuff and ran over to where he was. Sure enough he was standing there butt naked!!! Firstly I pulled his pants up really quick, but seeing all of the parents laughing/chuckling I said that is a cultural difference, and tried to laugh it off. Talk about embarrassment. I gathered both children up and got their shoes on. A mom said many have been in my shoes, and then told me the closest bathroom was in Sears. TOO LATE!! After pulling his pants up he peed. He was sitting on my leg so I could get his shoes on so guess who else got wet? With kids, and purchase in hand I got us out to the car as quick as I could.

Honestly, Evan has pulled his pants down here while outside a couple of times cause he had to go pretty bad. I would have never dreamed he would do that at a public place. Gee Whiz!!! He was not split pants trained. Evan was in a diaper for the whole 2 years he was at New Hope. For the 4 days he was with Shangrao SWI he must have been in split pants cause that is how they brought him to us. He has been potty training and is now 98% there. This was something else.

Luckily I think I can laugh at it tomorrow. LOL


Michele said...

Lol!!! I would have been embarrassed too, I'm sure. But I know had I been there and saw it, I wouldn't have thought anything of it and would have felt for you only because I would have known that you were probably mortified! At least this will make for a good story for YEARS to come. You'll be telling Evan this story well into his adult years, I bet. Hah!!

Leigh said...

Talk about Gee WHIZ! ;) Oh well, if that's the most he ever embarrasses you, you're in good shape!

Lopez Family said...

We know the feeling our David has a thing with showing people his butt. At that time he called it his tattoo.

Debz said...

LOL, Oh dear! That would be pretty funny! Of course I wasn't in your shoes though ;O)
These are the things we never forget that make Christmas dinner cnveration when they are all grown up!
So cute!

Sherry said...

Note to self -- avoid the mall play areas.


That is very funny. So sorry you have to go through that. But glad it was you and not me. hahaha.

Kristy said...

That is just too dang funny!!!! Just think of it as ammunition when he is older!!!! Im sorry I havent been here in a while, but Im back!!! I miss ya lady!!

Love ya, Kristy

Cynthia said...

LOL LOL LOL You handled yourself magnificantly. What else could you have done. Hopefully it won't happen again but you never know. Thanks for sharing the tale. Keep laughing Lesa.

Kristy said...

Lesa I am getting your blog...all of it. Are you still having problems?

Love you, Kristy

Kristy said...

I absolutely love this song!!! "Whatever will be will be", I love Doris Days version!!!


FHL said...

HAHAHAHAA!!! Sorry friend, but I can't help but laugh at this one!!!

J decided to pull down his swim trunks and pee into the weeds at the side of my girlfriend's pool when he was 4. Unfortunately it was in the middle of a unit (military) BBQ!!! I was horrified...everyone else of course thought it was hysterical and were just grateful it was not in the pool :o)

The world of little boys! :o) Gotta love it!

Sending a big hug your way!

Hoping said...

Sounds like a fun day!! lol