Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Half A Birthday!!

We have a VERY happy boy now. For the past few months Evan has seen several children have their birthday parties. First, there was his sister's belated celebration for her friends since we were in China when her 6th birthday occurred. He had fun with that and afterward would ask "Happy Birthday, Me?". Then he and Wendy were invited to two more birthdays since hers, and he would then ask again, "Happy Birthday, Me??" Well, last week he just couldn't stop asking, and I had a hard time explaining that he still had 6 months to wait until his 4th birthday. He had his 3rd birthday right before we traveled to get him, so he had no memory of one with us, and our parties have presents... His in China did too, but when we got him his Pooh Bear that we had sent for his birthday wasn't with him. I later learned that when he left New Hope Foundation, he had Pooh and several other things to bring home with him. Well, when the Director of the SWI in Shangrao, brought him to us from his Province, she didn't bring his Pooh Bear but brought his photo book and his camera with photos taken at New Hope. I was told that this often happens to the children. Poor Evan had asked where his Pooh Bear was while we were looking at our photos and one of them had the care package we had sent to him for his birthday along with Pooh. Sad that they kept it.

Well, when we heard that the SWI had "kept" his Pooh and with all the begging for a party, I had a thought... His Half Birthday was coming up on the 27th of March and of course he would be 3 1/2. Perfect time to celebrate. Now if he had of had a Toddler Shower when we got him home maybe this wouldn't have been an issue.lol But, with all that occurred once we arrived home with my dad passing and jet lag plus holidays, I can kinda see why this wasn't done. Nevertheless..... We had a small amount of our closest friends to help celebrate his Half-A-Birthday. He was so excited the whole week before this came about!!!! I'm telling you he planned out his cake, favors,balloons, plates, napkins and was so very excited about the whole thing!!
His cake had to have a "Two Train"(choo choo train) on it with Green since this is his favorite color. He wanted Handy Manny plates and napkins...well Mickey was his first choice, but we talked him out of that since we really want this for his 4th birthday themed party. It was all about hearing the Birthday Song sang for HIM!!! He sang too. You couldn't have seen a happier little boy that evening. Evan got some fun things to play with that were boy appropriate. lol Lets just say that we have a lot of pink toys in our house!

You see, planning all these years for another little girl all we had were pink things. We were given baby girl things right and left through all of my Secret Pal exchanges, and monogrammed items with Mylie on them. When we changed over to a boy....well needless to say, we had nothing for a boy. So this party brought Evan a few boy items and that they were his. He has one that he just doesn't want to share much with Wendy yet - His Handy Manny ball!!!(thank you Holly). He will share his Cowboy and Indian set (thank you Anna, and Yuna), and loves to share his T-ball set with his sisters and anyone who will play (thank you Joely and Camry), and we got him some Handy Manny tools and cars. His stand in grandparents (our neighbors Pam and Melvin, along with Angie,Cheyenne, and Court) gave Evan a "Green" Buzz Light Year short set.
Thank you all for helping him feel so special! It meant the world to him!

Many have said well, this will only make him still want another party. LOL
I see why they thought this, and I won't say that it didn't cross my mind. But, Evan hasn't said another word about a party except for reliving the one we threw for him!



Cynthia said...

What a great idea Lesa. I am so glad Evan is happy and enjoyed his party. He will always remember this special birthday you had for him.

3peas1pod said...

Happy half birthday Evan!

Lopez Family said...

Happy Birthday Evan ... Cake looks awesome

FHL said...

Happy Half Birthday Evan!!!!

I love the two train!!! Oh, write them all down and treasure each one! I still miss my welpum and hop-pear :o) (welcome and hockey player)

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!!

Sherry said...

Great idea. Happy 1/2 Birthday Evan!!!!

Sherri said...

too cute, love all the pictures.

Thanks for sharing Evan's 1/2 birthday.