Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!!

We had a wonderful weekend! Lacy came home Thursday evening late and then on Friday we went up to Wendy's school and hid eggs for the kindergarten group. It was lots of fun. Evan was totally in the dark of why they were running for these colored plastic eggs. Wendy shared with him once we got home with her loot.
Once home we found Holly was here! The kids really were so excited that their big sisters were both home!
Did I mention that on Thursday Evan went to the dentist and we found out he has 12 cavities!? What timing right? Now to plan on getting them fixed. We knew he had cavities, but not this many!
On our way out they let us look at what they had in their back chicks and baby ducks! We took two home free. They are so dang cute. One is Green, and that is Evan's, his/her name is Chess. The other is Blue, that one is Wendy's, his/her name is Blue Belle. Mike couldn't believe I had allowed ducks, but hey that is me I've always allowed my kids to dabble with different animals. Luckily if they get to be a problem we have 3 parks with ponds we can take them to, but so far that isn't going to happen. The way I look at it they will be wonderful for the garden. lol

Easter....well this is Evan's first one to ever enjoy. He was really confused by it all, but it didn't take long for him to get it.
Here are some photos of our weekend.


Sherri said...

Great pictures...I love the green chickies.

Happy Easter!

Debz said...

Are you kidding me! Those are real ducks! How did they color them te he! What does one feed a duck? Too cute!

Glad you had a good Easter! Love the pics!

Sorry about the dozen cavities :o(

Have a great week!

Lesa said...

Yes,those are real ducks.ha I found out that you feed them chick starter. They are the cutest little babies ever! So sweet, we are handling them lots so they will be more tame. The blue one has grown so much since this was taken on Easter.

Kristy said...

Lesa I just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for always lifting me up when you stop by my blog and for always making me feel loved and special. You are an angel and I love you very much.

Love and blessings, Kristy
I think we are NEXT!!!!

Sherry said...

Happy Easter!! I can't believe you have ducks and 12 cavities too. I see it's going to be busy, busy at your house this summer.

Keep us posted on the ducks and cavities.

FHL said...

Did I read that right? The dentist gave you baby ducks?? I am SO not sharing that with J, all he gets is a rubber bouncy ball! :o)

How fun for the kids! You know, I used to get our eggs fresh from a local farm and if their chicks didn't lay enough they would give us duck eggs. (Which they charged more for). Perhaps you'll eventually enjoy more then just some hearty tomatoes! ;o)

I hope you guys are having a great week Lesa!

And if I haven't told you lately, thank you so much for the encouraging comments you always leave me. They mean so much!

Sending hugs,