Monday, June 28, 2010

Nothing but the TOOTH!

My word..... After all of her wishing and wiggling, twisting pushing and prodding the darn thing finally came out!!! Wendy has been hoping for this day to come since September 09'! We tugged since the weekend and it still refused to budge. The new one is coming in right behind it and pushing at the baby one too. Finally we took dental floss and tugged. It chose to bleed and it freaked her out. She wanted me to untie the string, but there was no way it was going to come untied; so I said let me see it and she gave me the string I gave it a swift yank and it popped out attached to the dental floss.
Man!!! I have never seen a root like that on a baby tooth!!!!!!! No wonder it has taken so many months to come out. That thing had to be pulled by someone for sure.

Leigh and Katey, thank you so much for her Tooth Fairy Doll. The tooth is snug in its little purse.


This evening.....(after)


Sherry said...

So what did the tooth fairy leave her?


Lesa said...

Wendy got 6 dollars. She figures that the dollar alone was for the tooth and the five was for the long root. lol! I told her it must be along with the trouble and pain of the first one coming out.
She realizes that 6 dollars isn't the norm. ha

Debz said...

Congrats Miss W!!!! The doll is a cute idea!

Lopez Family said...

Wendy congrats.... By the way your hair looks great