Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wendy's summer haircut.


It has been a battle to keep long hair on Wendy for the past 4 months. I have told her that she had to at least wait until Ballet Recital was finished; because there is no way you can put short hair into a bun. She wanted it short to the neck but I had her compromise and go just below the shoulder line. I can at least still keep it in a low ponytail. Let me tell you from all the crying she does from me just trying to brush it I will love not hearing that for a while. lol
While my hair was cooking she had hers cut. The whole time she was smiling and so excited about having it done.
We got home and Holly liked it and then our neighbors liked it. Daddy came home and she walked by him and said hi dad, he did a double take. Mike tried to pay her money not to cut it. I love her hair long, but thought it would be okay for her to cut it since hair does grow back and it should be grown back by this fall at least.
While at the supper table she was looking down and Mike asked her what was wrong all of the sudden she started crying and ran to me and said "I miss my long hair" whaaaaa....... She couldn't stop crying.

Who doesn't love long hair?? It will grow back, but for now it is cute for the summer.

Evan and his haircut that has grown out a tad.
He was so happy to look just like Daddy!


Cynthia said...

It looks great! A really good length for her. Makes her look a bit older / more mature. Very cute!!!! Good move Mom and Wendy.

Sherry said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new hair cut!!!! Please tell Wendy that. I really don't like super long hair. I love the length her hair is at. It looks so shiny and healthy.

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristy said...

Have I told you lately how much I love your kids and how beautiful and handsome they are?????? Well I do and they are!!!!!

Love you, Kristy

Sally said...

Tell Wendy we think her hair is adorable! Keep it short, Wendy.

Mi Hilo Rojo said...

AHHHHH, LOng time I didnt visit the blog! Wendy, you are precious! looks soooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Evan! you are so big! BIG BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm happy to visit the blog!


Michele M said...

Love the new cuts on both.......much cooler for the hot steamy summer temps! They are both beautiful children.