Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mike's Father's Day Gift.

Well, on Saturday we were heading off to Baker Brothers for salads to bring home and on the way we saw a sign saying puppies for sale.I looked at Holly and said read that sign what kind of puppies? We're a family that loves dogs and we especially love looking at them. Holly said it said German Short Hair Pointer Pups, and they are AKC.On the way home with our lunch I decided to take a side trip by where they had the puppies. You see Mike has wanted this kind of dog since we lived in Dallas 22 years ago. He has recently said he still would like one so he can go hunting with him. Holly and I had a pact that we would not buy one unless it was a really good bargain. They have a tendency to ask a lot for this type of dog and with them being AKC registered we knew there wouldn't be any way. From a short distance we could see them milling around in this pen they had set up. I spotted one I liked right off and it just so happens that this one decided he would run right to us. He had to be the most gorgeous pup I have ever seen!!!! We asked all the important questions as are they good with children, do they shed, do they get along with other animals....etc. Finally the question had to come "how much?". When they said we looked at each other and said we wanted the one that came right up to us. At first she wanted cash, but who has so much on them, even though the amount wasn't horrible. Her dad came up and we looked at him and asked if he would accept a check and he said yes. Yea!!!
Once we got all of his papers and heart guard we came home with this new puppy.
Now to hope and pray that Mike really meant what he said about wanting one!
We came in and I said that lunch was home and then told Holly to go on in to the living room where Mike was. Holly walked the puppy up to him at the couch and put him on Mike's tummy. We then both said "Happy Father's Day"! His mouth opened up in shock, but not bad shock. It was love at first sight. Mike has played with this pup and every evening we have been down at our park to exercise him.
Okay, okay..... here are the photos of "Jasper".


Sherry said...

You are crazy with your animals. :) But what an adorable puppy. So glad Mike liked him.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful puppy. I love his sweet little face. I am sure the kids will have as much fun with him as dad will. Funny how fate works out like that huh?